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YOU+YOU teaches and trains mental skills to help competitors thrive under the challenges of performance. The majority of competitors agree that a large part of their sport is mental, but dedicate hardly any time to improving their mental game. Like physical skills, mental skills can be learned and trained. You can learn to be more confident, train yourself to perform well under pressure, and develop the mental qualities necessary to consistently perform at your peak. Are you struggling with nerves, frustrated with a lack of results, or do you simply want to take your game to the next level? Learn how to manage your emotions and react to difficult situations in a way that helps you achieve your personal and competitive goals.

YOU+YOU was born out of the idea that far too many competitors never reach their full potential. The truth is each of us has more within ourselves than we ever thought possible, and the history of human performance has shown us that human limits are often imagined. YOU+YOU is about helping clients develop personally and competitively in order to break free of their self-imposed limitations. Master your mindset, add those unused, untapped parts of yourself to your game, and obliterate your falsely perceived limits. 

Whether competing at the youth, collegiate, or professional level, all athletes can benefit from performance coaching. Competition at any level will present obstacles, it is those who are mentally tough and possess the necessary skills to cope with adversity that will progress and thrive. Mariah teaches clients mental skills and strategies in one-on-one settings, team workshops, and at speaking events. Under the current circumstances, her services are offered through video conferences or under specific guidelines, on location. 


Start utilizing the full power of your mind and take your game to the next level.


Mariah uses a person-centered approach to performance coaching, where the individual differences of each client are recognized and used as the basis for performance planning. She believes that no one knows you better than you, thus while the services provided will help clients identify potential areas of focus, she trusts clients to ultimately decide which offered strategies will best aid them in achieving their performance goals. Mariah considers the coach-client relationship to be one of the most determining factors of a client’s success. Therefore, she aims to create and nurture an honest, open and authentic collaboration between herself and clients; meeting individuals where they are and progressively building their mental tool kit based on their specific needs . 

Mariah Cameron, ma

Mariah grew up in Castro Valley, CA where she played many sports as a youth (soccer, softball, basketball, track, volleyball, and flag football). In the end she committed herself to soccer and eventually went on to play at the Division 1 and professional level. Mariah holds a MA in Person-Centered Experiential Counseling and Psychotherapy from the University of Nottingham, and a BS in Psychology from Washington State University. Prior to shifting her focus to the mental aspects of sport and performance, Mariah worked as a behavior therapist, a counselor at a women’s center and a sixth form college, as well as a youth and private soccer coach. As an elite athlete herself, Mariah is familiar with the mental stressors of performing at a high level and the preparation necessary for peak performance. She enjoys coaching, educating, and speaking about the importance of having a sound mind as well as body in order to perform at one's best.


Helping people become better versions of themselves is Mariah’s mission. Julie Foudy said, “Sports not only build better athletes but also better people”. The mental tools we utilize to optimize our performance in sport are equally effective in daily life. It is the transferability of these skills that highlighted performance coaching as an ideal career path for Mariah. An amalgamation of her psychology and coaching experiences, performance coaching allows her to “pay it forward”, using her own experience as well as sport psychology theory and research, to help clients not only thrive as athletes, but also succeed in their lives outside of sport. 


When not working or playing, Mariah enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, cooking (and eating), photography, dancing, and hiking. 

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Meet Mariah
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