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Individual sessions begin with an intake interview, after which a personalized performance plan will begin to form and gradually develop with each session. Follow up sessions typically last 45 minutes - 1 hour, and consist of reviews and the continued learning and practicing of applicable mental skills and strategies. Initially sessions are suggested to take place every two weeks. Once a sound foundation is developed it is suggested that sessions taper off, to encourage athletes to implement the learned techniques on their own. Mariah remains available for check-ins with athletes before try outs, major competitions, and the like. 

One-on-one sessions can be purchased individually or in packages of 4, 8, or 12 sessions. 


Team sessions are an interactive way to develop team culture, set goals, and developmental mental tools for group and individual success. These sessions typically last 1 1/2 hours but can be adjusted to fit a teams needs. They are available as a weekly series, a monthly series, or can be schedule on a timetable fitting a team's specific availability. Content can adapt based on a particular group's needs, but often covers themes such as, creating a team culture, setting goals, communication, developing emotional intelligence, and developing routines. 


Coaches have a tremendous impact on their athletes. Support your existing knowledge with scientifically supported techniques to help create a positive psychological environment for athletes, nurture individual development, and create a cohesive unit. Coaches' material is delivered through presentations, interactive workshops, and/or private sessions for individuals. ​


Speaking events are a great way to communicate information to coaching staffs and athletes alike. Introduce your team to the principles of performance coaching or hear about Mariah's journey and what it takes to become a professional athlete. ​


Happy with your mental tool kit? Align your physical game with your mental game by improving your technical skills. Technical soccer sessions are available for individuals or small groups in the eastern Bay Area. Participants are limited to those in the 8th grade and below. Camps and Clinics are open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender). 

All services start with a free consultation to understand more about your personal needs and desire for performance coaching. Consultations can be scheduled via phone or video call and typically last 30 minutes to 1 hour. 

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